Down on the farm...

We use pastures and legumes like this Crimson clover to help give our cows a healthy diet and to reduce the need for large amounts of purchased feed.

We rely heavily on a rotational grazing program to help maximize milk and grass production. The white posts and thin wire are moved daily thus allowing the animals a fresh break of pasture.

They may not look like it, but these cows are athletes. We don’t pamper them by carrying feed to them. They go out and graze it. They often use this long lane to walk from one field to the next. The forest in the background offers them shade on hot days.

Sitting on Sarah’s parents front porch and looking across one of our pastures, you can understand the pastoral setting that makes our cows content.

“I’m glad it finally warmed up. The farmer’s hands were cold!

Fairview—Springhill Farms