Gourmet Hamburger

In our fast paced world, the lowly hamburger is a quick fast food meal on the way to our next appointment. Buried between layers of sauces and condiments, and garnished with overly mature lettuce and unripe tomatoes lies a piece of meat that you can hardly taste. For just a few minutes more, try cooking one of our gourmet hamburgers at home, and you’ll never think of hamburger as lowly again!


What is Gourmet Hamburger?


Most burgers are made up of what’s left over after all of the steak and roast cuts have been removed. Our gourmet hamburgers capture the harvest of the entire animal. This includes the highly valued T-bones, roasts and Ponderosa steak cuts.

Where do these gourmet hamburgers come from?


We hand select animals from our own dairy herd to be used in these highest quality burgers. We usually choose an animal that is older than the normal age of 18-24 months, which is used in most commodity markets. White tablecloth restaurants in France find that older animals offer a richer, beefier tasting meat, and we agree. Since these animals are from our own herd, they are either a Jersey or a Jersey crossbred. The Jersey breed is renowned for its deep, cream colored marbling and naturally tender meat. These animals spend most of their lives grazing green pastures, with minimal supplementation. Once selected for our gourmet hamburger program, they go into a short (less than 30 days) grain finishing program. We think you’ll find these gourmet hamburgers to be a wonderfully tasty and tender delight!

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