Meet the Stelzl Family

Fairview-Springhill Farms is a family farm. John farms full-time, while Sarah teaches in neighboring Warren County, helping out with feeding baby calves, bookkeeping, and other tasks as needed. We have been blessed with two wonderful children: 12 year old Thomas and 7 year old Emma. We enjoy sharing the farming experience with them.


John grew up on the farm where the dairy is located. His mother, Betty, grew up there too, and still lives there. We live on the farm where the pigs are located, less than a mile away. In addition to our farm animals, our family also consists of a Beagle named Sunday and a cat named  Milo. Oh, and a horse, Max!

Fairview—Springhill Farms

Thomas and Emma

Christmas 2008

Thomas and Emma, Easter 2008

Thomas, Emma and Sunday the Dog

Christmas, 2010

Tom and Emma, Christmas 2011


Thomas, Emma and Milo and Kylie
Kylie was hit in the road spring 2013.

Rest in Peace Ky-Ky. We miss you!

Emma, the Farm Girl!

October 2009

Tommy, with Cosmo the cat and the bottle fed baby calves (when Tommy was just a baby himself!). Those babies are now full grown Dairy cows in our herd.

Emma, Max the Horse, and Tommy, Christmas 2011

Does it hurt when I do this?

(Christmas 2007)

Thomas and Emma

Christmas 2009

Thomas and Emma

October 2009

Of course, Sunday had to get in the Christmas spirit too!

Get to Know Your Farmer!

There is more to John than just farming! His grass is also blue! He plays bass guitar, among many other instruments. Our church ( hosts a monthly Bluegrass/Gospel Open Mic/Jam Session and John always plays the bass there. He plays whenever he gets a chance. (Ask him about Sixteen Tons by Tennessee Ernie Ford the next time you see him!)

Emma likes to sing too! She was only 3 in this picture!

Tommy plays Native American Flute, piano and guitar, and now Tuba in the Middle School Band, but he is a farm boy, through and through! After the first calf was born this spring we found him cuddled up with the calf in the barn—with his jacket around the calf!

Oh, yeah, did we mention that Emma is not going to be outdone by Tommy? She is a farm girl too! She is a First Grader, also straight A’s, excelling in  math, and loves gymnastics! She is just starting piano lessons, and has taken up sewing as a hobby..

Tommy is also a straight A student, in the gifted program at his school and is an avid reader and author!

Tom and Em, Christmas 2012

Tommy was recently published in Farm and Ranch Magazine!

The Stelzls, Christmas 2013

John playing Native American Flute, Emma singing in Church

Emma on the uneven bars at Gymnastics.

Emma’s newest hobby: sewing!

Emma got a four-wheeler for Christmas! Now they can ride together!