About Us

We are a grade A Dairy, inspected by the Virginia Department of Agriculture. This picture shows the milking parlor facility.


Cows must have a calf in order to give milk. All cows give milk (lactate) for approximately 10 months, then are dried off for 2 months before they give birth again. In a seasonal dairy, all cows are bred to have their calves at approximately the same time, so they are giving milk and are dried off (not giving milk) at the same time. In traditional dairies, the cows’ breeding schedule is staggered so that there is a continuous supply of milk all year long. In a seasonal dairy, all the cows are dry during the winter months (December, January and February) when there is little grass. Our dairy relies heavily on grass. We feed very little grain as a supplement.


What is a Seasonal, Grass Based Dairy?

We are a seasonal, grass based dairy. This means that our main feed source is grass. We manage our pastures so that we have high quality pasture for our cows. The manure from our pigs fertilizes the grass, which causes the grass to grow, then the cows eat the grass and produce milk. We currently milk about 60 Jersey cross cows. The milking parlor is located in the large red barn you see in the background of this picture of some of our girls.

Fairview—Springhill Farms