Our son, Tommy with Lassie, our Border Collie

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Fairview—Springhill Farms

Fairview Springhill Farms is a family owned and operated diversified farm located in Frederick County, Virginia, about 60 miles west of Washington, D.C. We are a seasonal, grass based, Grade A dairy. We offer a cow share program, raise hogs, and raise eggs from pastured chickens.

Fairview—Springhill Farms

Spring 2015:

Baby Bull Calves available for purchase this spring! Now accepting pre-orders for 3 day old bull calves. Click here for more information, or see “Bottle Calf Sales” at the left.

Also, this spring we will offer 3 day old heifer calves, available in April, for $100 each. Click Here for more information, or see “Bottle Calf Sales” at the left.

One of our large orders for bull calves has fallen through so we WILL have bull calves available this spring!!!


Agricultural Aptitude Test:

This test is a challenge we came up with about twenty years ago when one of our teenage interns told his parents “I don’t need to finish school because I’m going to farm!” While it may be true that you don’t necessarily need to graduate college to be in production agriculture, you certainly need to have an open mind with regards to ongoing education. I don’t recall how our intern scored, but the point was made and he went on to a successful military career and became an entrepreneur. Perhaps you’d like to take the test for yourself. Even if you don’t see yourself becoming a farmer someday, it may give you an insight into the world of agriculture that you hadn’t considered before. Good luck!


Agricultural Aptitude Test